On Site Lab

At Primadent Dental, we are pleased to offer an on-site lab. This helps to make our patients’ experience more convenient with a faster turnaround. This on-site lab is a denture lab that gives us the ability to create dentures in-house. Each denture is custom-made to fit comfortably and securely. Rather than relying on an outside source to provide a great quality denture, we are able to give personalized attention to each denture that we make for our patients. These dentures are made with care and precision. Having a secure, well-fitting denture can give you back your smile!

Patients are able to try on a custom wax denture before the final denture is made. This helps in ensuring the best fit for the final denture. Changes can be made to the wax design before the final denture is created. This lab also allows us to perform repairs and relines same-day for our patients when needed. 

Our on-site lab was created with you in mind! Quality care with convenience makes for a better experience. If you are in need of dentures in Audubon, NJ let us help provide a great quality denture that will have you smiling again!