Dental Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry can brighten dull teeth, whiten stained teeth, close gaps between teeth, repair chipped teeth, mask metal fillings and straighten crooked teeth. Cosmetic Dentistry has revolutionized dental care.

Through the use of composite bonding restorations, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and crown & bridge, shape and color changes can be created to give you the “smile makeover” you have always wanted.

Crown and Bridge

Crowns are used for several conditions of the mouth. These include restoring a tooth to its normal shape and size, covering and supporting a tooth with a large filling when not enough tooth is left, protecting a weak tooth from breaking or restoring one that is already broken, or restoration after a root canal and buildup is completed on a tooth. Bridges are generally used to restore missing teeth in the patients mouth. We use the neighboring teeth as support or abutment teeth to hold the bridge in place. When completed, the appearance is very natural and esthetic.

Primadent offers both crowns and bridges at all four locations in Audubon, Marlton, Haddonfield and Voorhees.

  • Dental crowns are generally used in the following senerios:
  • To restore an already broken tooth or a tooth that has been severely worn down
  • Enclose or support a tooth with filling when the tooth enough tooth is not available to sustain
  • To hold a dental bridge in position
  • Hide a dental implant

Bridges can:

  • Enable better chewing and speech
  • Shape your jawline
  • Prevent remaining teeth from shifting

Dental Implants

Our offices perform the restorative phase of the implant process. Candidates in this procedure include patients to replace a single tooth, several teeth, and sometimes all of their teeth. Dental implants offer the patients an alternative to dentures or bridges.

The dental implant is a metal screw fixative fixture that is placed into the jawbone. This integrates into the bone over time. Then, an abutment is attached to the implant, which allows us to attach a crown or bridge to the abutment. Dental implants function like your natural teeth and are very stable. The success rate today of implants is over 95%.

Full & Partial Dentures

Dentures are indicated for certain conditions of the mouth. Obviously, if the patient has no teeth, they are a candidate for a full denture. This prosthesis will have a full complement of teeth, which will enable the patient to chew and function properly, as well as have proper esthetics.

Partial dentures are indicated when the patient is missing some of their teeth. By using some of the remaining teeth for anchors, the partial denture is designed to use the natural teeth to hold on to, to give it support in the mouth. The benefits of properly fitted new dentures include eating properly, improved appearance, and speech. Both full and partial dentures are removable prosthesis and need to be removed by night.

Our offices have our own denture lab on premises, which enables us to create a custom result for each patient, with the labs individualized attention.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening or Bleaching can be accomplished through the use of gel or laser. BriteSmile(laser tx) can whiten the teeth up to 10 shades in one hour in 1 chairside visit. Opalescense(gel tx) can whiten the teeth up to 5 shades, through the use of custom made trays worn in the mouth for 1-2 weeks, while you sleep.

Both laser or gel teeth whitening are both very effective procedures with great results, based on the individual patient’s needs.

Fillings & Restoration

We perform all general fillings and restorations of the mouth. These include amalgam or silver fillings, and composite or white fillings. As a general rule, the composites are used for the anterior teeth and for small and medium restorations of the posterior teeth. The amalgams are used primarily to restore medium to large fillings on the posterior teeth.

Dental Hygiene

Regular dental visits are essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. For maximum benefits, a good home care regimen must be supplemented with a professional cleaning and examination at least every 6 months.

We perform basic dental hygiene care every 6 months, and may recommend cleanings by our hygienist every 3-4 months, based on the individual need. This is all to prevent periodontal disease. Best of all, we will teach you great methods and effective home care.

Root Canal Treatment

This special dental procedure is to save a tooth that is diseased or injured where the pulp dies. The pulp tissue, which is in the center of the tooth, is removed, cleaned and sealed. Then, a buildup and a crown are placed on the tooth to restore it.

Periodontal Treatment

Our offices perform the non-surgical gum treatment, also referred to as “scaling and root planing.” This treatment is indicated when the patient shows early to moderate signs of periodontal disease with tartar and calculus present, especially below the gums. Remember, untreated periodontal disease is a serious infection that can lead to tooth loss. For this procedure, the patient is anesthetized, and the hygienists perform the deep cleaning under the gums. Generally, these patients are put on a 3-4 month hygiene checkups.

Oral Surgery

Our offices perform all simple and surgical extractions, and some wisdom teeth extractions. If the tooth is extremely difficult, you may need to be referred to an oral surgeon. But overall, the majority of the extractions are performed in our offices.